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A MILF is technically a hot and sexy woman who has children, but that doesn’t mean she’s passed it! No, a Milf is someone who loves to have fun with men, usually those who are younger than her! The stereotypical Milf is an older lady, but on Fuck A Milf we have plenty of young Milfs too, and they’re smoking HOT and ready to have FUN! Whatever you’re into, there’s a Milf out there who’s looking for someone like you. You just have to go out there and find her!


Want to know more about the origin of Milfs and these sexy ladies themselves? Here are some fun Milf facts so you can know more about what you’re getting into!

  • While most people think it’s quite a British or American term, the word Milf is used around the world! It’s a well-recognised term pretty much everywhere. So, wherever you go in the world, you may be lucky enough to find some local hot Milfs to fuck when you’re there…
  • In 2017, Milf porn was the second most searched for term on PornHub. So, if you LOVE these amazing, sexy women, you’re definitely not alone! There’s something about a smoking hot young Milf that’s guaranteed to get pretty much all men hot under the collar. Who wouldn’t want to meet their very own Milf for a naughty evening of fun, or even more? Perhaps a relationship? Here on Fuck A Milf, we have seen Milf dating turn into things more long term, it’s up to you!
  • A Milf tends to know what she wants. She’s got kids, a job, and responsibilities. She’s just lonely. She knows what it’s like to be a proper adult. So, she knows what she wants, she’ll go out and get it, and she’s not afraid to tell you about it. In fact, Milfs are more likely to be the one wearing the trousers in the relationship compared to the younger men who don’t have responsibilities that they date. Be prepared for this fact if you want to date a Milf!
  • In one survey, a massive 88% of men admitted to having Milf fantasies, and 42% said that they had them often. If this doesn’t prove how sexy they are, nothing will! But it also means there’s going to be competition for the hottest Milfs, so if young Milfs are your fantasy, sign up quick before someone else does!
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  • As we said before, even the youngest Milfs like to take charge, in and out of the bedroom. So if you like to be dominated or just think that a strong woman is sexy, a Milf relationship would probably work well for you! They’re used to bossing people around, getting things done, and having it their way as a single or divorced mother. If you want to date them, you need to fit into that. But that’s exactly one of the reasons why so many men think they’re sexy!
  • Want some excitement and suspense in your life? Then consider young Milfs! These naughty young ladies have plenty of commitments, so you never know when you might be able to hook up, making it even better when you do! If you want the thrill of receiving a last-minute text to come over, a Milf is for you- but come quickly, with Milfs so in demand, they might not stick around for long!
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  • Milfs are classy. They know through experience what makes them look good, and they stick to it. If you’re looking for a classy lady who always looks the part, go for a Milf! Many of them are dedicated to maintaining their appearance so their hair, makeup, and outfit will always look hot.
  • Are you looking for a woman who will take care of you? Young Milfs are nurturing by nature- they have kids after all! So, they’re more likely to want to take care of a partner, especially if he is younger than them. However, they’re also not afraid to discipline you if you get out of hand!
  • Milfs are experienced. This means that they can teach you a trick or two! Want to learn from an experienced woman who isn’t afraid to show you the ropes? A Milf would definitely do all of that and more!


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